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Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival - Part III
Episode 13
Opening & Ending
Opening Song Pre-Parade
Ending Song Vanilla Salt
Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival - Part II
The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness

"Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival - Part III" is the 13th episode of Toradora! and was first aired on December 25, 2008. The screenwriter for the episode was Mari Okada.

Short Summary

Ami addresses the school and starts the beauty contest as a dominatrix. Just as Taiga makes a dramatic appearance in the beauty contest, Ryuuji receives a text from her dad saying he would not be able to live with her. Taiga wins the beauty contest, despite the sadness that her father did not show up. A race is held to determine who will dance with Taiga, and Ryuuji, finally understanding Minori's warning, is determined to win it using short cuts and stepping on top of other participants. Near the end of the race, two boys push Minori, who is the only girl participating, down and she throws a baseball at them. She also throws herself towards the last four participants and provides an opportunity for Ryuuji to win. However, he goes back for her. They hold hands as they cross the finish line together, forgiving each other.

Episode Summary

Taiga enters the beauty contest wearing a dress worked on by Ryuuji, and although she thinks her father is late to come see her because of his job, she goes ahead with what she wants Ami to say for her introduction onto the stage. However, before Taiga’s turn comes up, Ryuuji gets a message from her father stating that something concerning work came up and that he won’t even be able to live with Taiga. Ryuuji realizes at this point that he shouldn’t have trusted Taiga’s father and that this was all his own fault. Taiga gets introduced onto the stage shortly thereafter, and what she wanted Ami to do was to announce that her father was there and get him to support her. Unfortunately, as everyone soon figures out, he’s not there, and to make matters worse, Taiga trips and falls flat on her face. Pissed off, she rips off the bottom of her dress, and to everyone’s surprise, Ryuuji and Minori start clapping for her. The other students soon join in, and after Taiga demonstrates how she can fit her entire body inside a bag, she wins the competition. Watching her on the stage, Ryuuji suddenly realizes that Taiga is all alone and tries to make his way up to her, but he’s interrupted by the announcement of a foot race for the guys. Among the prizes that the winner gets is the ability to crown Taiga and dance with her.

Determined to win so that he can reach Taiga, Ryuuji outruns almost everyone, but Minori manages to catch up with him. Seeing her reminds Ryuuji about how she was right and how he failed to notice that Taiga’s father wasn’t thinking about her. Ryuuji and Minori, however, get pushed back by a pair from the track team, so Minori nails them both with a softball and then throws herself at some other guys who are catching up. She urges Ryuuji to go ahead, but he helps her back up and the two cross the finish line together, hand in hand. Seeing all this, Taiga thinks to herself that the two don’t have to worry about her like that and that she can stand up by herself. In the aftermath, Taiga is back to her normal self, and Minori reveals to Ryuuji that Taiga’s father had done the same thing a year ago. Minori apologizes for not telling him about this and suggests that she was jealous of him because Taiga opened up to him. This leads her to question if she likes girls instead of boys, and she soon notices that she’s speaking normally to Ryuuji. Taiga meanwhile dances with Kitamura at his request even though he wasn’t the winner of the race, and the entire class then dances together. Ryuuji ends the night feeling that things will be okay.


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