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Episode 10
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Let's Go to the Ocean, You Say
Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival - Part I

"Fireworks" is the 10th episode of Toradora! and was first aired on December 4, 2008. The screenwriter for the episode was Tatsuto Higuchi.

Short Summary

Ryuuji and Taiga stay up all night and were still unsure of what had occurred the night before. They discuss how to scare Minori. Yusaku overhears them and wants to help, believing that Minori loves being terrified, and enlists Ami in helping too. They decide to pull a massive scare by taking a walk through a hidden cave filled with traps designed to scare Minori. However, Ami backs out after Ryuuji refuses to tell her why he wants to do this. However, she eventually decides to help, and leads the group into the cave, where Yusaku has planted many pathetic scary traps. Ami splits with the group by going to another pathway, and Ryuuji follows her. While alone, Ami tells Ryuuji that she is better suited for him. The situation quickly gets out of hand as Yusaku and Minori disappear, and the mysterious hair and seaweed from last night appears again. It is later revealed that Yusaku and Minori were playing a trick on them, which included last night's scare. The two claim to have known what Ryuuji and Taiga were up to, but Minori appreciates it for being so thrilling. 

Episode Summary

Taiga and Ryuuji don’t get any sleep because of how they were scared by the strange occurrences, and they’re unsure of what to do to scare Minori now. When Yuusaku happens to overhear them talking about this, Taiga claims that it was a present for Minori because she loves being scared. Convinced, Yusaku insists on joining in and getting Ami’s help as well. Later that morning, Minori gets up and finds breakfast already made thanks to Ryuuji. He’s now working on lunch, so she volunteers to help him, and she turns out to be pretty good at food preparation. Minori reveals that since both her parents worked, she made lunch for her brother when he was home. She also compliments Ryuuji on his cooking ability and notes that the girl who marries him will be very happy. That gets him worked up enough to re-raise the topic from the previous night, but Minori wants to keep that a secret. The two continue working together until they’re done and it’s time to head down to the beach.

Minori goes on ahead, but since Ami hasn’t shown up, Ryuuji heads back inside to get her. He walks in on her in her swimsuit, and since he’s not too keen to look at her cleavage, she threatens not to help with Minori. On that note, she asks why he wants to entertain Minori and gives him five seconds to answer. When he doesn’t say anything, she decides not to help. This leaves Yusaku and Ryuuji to check out the cave that they were going to use, and Yusaku decides to go alone so that Minori doesn’t get suspicious. He returns at lunchtime, and to his and Ryuuji’s surprise, Ami is the one who proposes to Minori that they go to the cave. Though the cave turns out to be scary looking, Yusaku urges them all in, and he had earlier set up a bunch of scary things inside. One is a piece of fried tofu that swings down after being activated by stepping on a wire, but this misses Minori and hits Taiga in the face instead. Another is a bloody-looking message written in ketchup on the walls, but Ryuuji is more concerned about the slimy hair that he accidents gets on his hand. Minori panics after seeing the hair, and Yusaku thinks that Ryuuji had set this up even though he hadn’t.

Ami, however, is bored by all this and decides to turn back, and Ryuuji decides to go after her. Ami claims to know the way out and questions Ryuuji’s uneasiness with being separated from everyone else, so he admits that he’s not good with dark places. This prompts Ami to question what he’d do if she left him there and if he’d be scared and lonely. She suggests that he doesn’t want to part with her and that he needs her, and she wonders if he wants to go back to where Minori is. Ami feels that Minori isn’t suitable for Ryuuji and starts to say who she thinks is suitable, but she then notices that she doesn’t know where they are. She starts to panic about being lost, so Ryuuji tries to make her calm down by saying reassuring things, however Ami soon reveals that she was just joking. She comments on how he was helpless, but she doesn’t hate that part of him. Going back to what she was saying earlier about Minori not suiting him, Ami compares Ryuuji to the moon and Minori to the sun. She feels that he can’t become equal just by admiring and that it could only happen with someone like her.

Their conversation is interrupted by Minori’s scream, so the two rush further into the cave. Ami trips in the process, but Ryuuji manages to catch her, and the two eventually reach Yusaku and Taiga. Yusaku isn’t quite sure what happened to Minori, and since his own flashlight dies, he borrows Ryuuji’s. After hearing some strange sounds, Yusaku then runs forward with the flashlight and disappears, leaving Ryuuji, Taiga, and Ami in the dark. Panicking, Taiga rushes ahead by herself as well, and she ends up falling. When Ryuuji and Ami move forward, they find Yusaku helping Taiga up and realize that everything had been set up by him and Minori. Once back at the house, Yusaku and Minori reveal that all the scary things – including what happened in Ryuuji and Taiga’s room the previous night – was all their doing. Minori had known that Taiga and Ryuuji were trying to scare her, and this was to get them back. She actually loves horror.

With it now dark outside, the group heads back to the beach to play with some fireworks. When he gets a moment alone with Ami, Ryuuji answers her questions from earlier and admits that he’d be lonely without her around. However, he points out that it’s not a question of whether or not he’d be lonely but whether or not she’d be. Ami feels that thinking about that would be painful, so Ryuuji suggests expressing it in a straightforward way since they’re equals. Walking away, Ami notes that Ryuuji is sometimes quite nice. Ryuuji then has a conversation with Minori in which he thanks her because even though he was really scared, being with her was fun. Minori also confesses to having a lot of fun, and she feels that Ryuuji understands her. She had scared him because she wanted to show him a ghost, and she’s curious why he wanted to scare her. Minori doesn’t believe that he just wanted to make fun of her because he’s not that kind of person, so Ryuuji eventually claims that he wanted to show her a ghost as well. He wanted her to believe that ghosts exist and feels that it’s too early for her to give up. In light of this, Minori proposes that they go looking for UFOs and then tsuchinoko. She starts to say something about what would happen if they can find everything she wants to see and change her world, but she’s distracted by some large fireworks going off in the distance.

The group returns home the next day, and Ryuuji suggests to Taiga that they go to the supermarket. Taiga doesn’t want to because she’s too tired, but when Ryuuji starts walking off on his own, she runs to catch up with him. She still doesn’t want to hear about going shopping though.


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