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Forever Like This
Episode 20
Opening & Ending
Opening Song Silky Heart
Ending Song Orange
Christmas Eve Festival
No Matter What

"Forever Like This" is the 20th episode of Toradora! and was first aired on February 19, 2009. The screenwriter for the episode was Tatsuto Higuchi.

Short Summary

Following Ryuuji's rejection by Minori, Taiga visits a shrine while he has the flu and runs into Yusaku. Taiga decides not to come over to Ryuuji's house anymore and tells him not to give up on her. The teacher informs her students that the field trip to Okinawa is now going to be a ski trip due to their previously booked hotel burning down. Taiga points out to Ryuuji that this would be his last chance to confirm Minori's feelings before classes are rearranged. Ryuuji catches up with Minori, who is still a bit disheartened from Christmas, and Taiga provides an opportunity for the two to start talking again. Later, Ryuuji, Minori, Yusaku, Ami and the other students go to Taiga's apartment to discuss plans for the trip. Ryuuji and Minori talk in the kitchen, where she constantly praises Ryuuji for the way Taiga has become. She wishes that things would stay the way they were forever, while Ryuuji knows that it would not be possible, and becomes determined to confess properly.

Episode Summary

During her New Years shrine visit, Taiga runs into Yusaku and reveals to him that Ryuuji is sick at home. Yusaku wants to go see him, but Taiga first puts her hands together and bows to Yusaku as if she’s praying or about to ask him for a favor. A few days later, after he’s feeling better, Ryuuji gets a chance to speak with Taiga again, and although his thoughts were on how he got rejected by Minori, his more immediate concern is how Taiga is eating ramen again and hasn’t been coming over for dinner. Taiga, however, reveals that she’s doing this for his and Minori’s sake. She suspects that Minori has been misunderstanding the relationship between her and Ryuuji to the point where Minori thinks that Taiga needs him. Because of that, she’s decided to be independent from Ryuuji from now on, and she wants him to not run away and to go ascertain Minori’s true feelings.

The next morning, as Ryuuji is leaving, his mother hands him the signed permission form for the school trip to Okinawa. His thoughts are still on Minori though, and they’re even more so after he gets back the suit he traded for the Santa bear costume because with it comes the gift he never got to give her. As he’s staring at the hair clip that he wanted to give her, Ryuuji suddenly gets dragged into Taiga’s rampage against Haruta for getting her to say a dirty word. When Haruta notices the hair clip, he takes it, but Taiga quickly rips it out of Haruta’s hair because she feels that it still belongs to Ryuuji. The three are then greeted by Minori, but instead of greeting her back, Ryuuji runs away. Once class begins, everyone finds out from their teacher that the hotel they were going to stay in burned down, so instead of going to Okinawa, they’re now going skiing.

That afternoon, Yusaku notices that Ryuuji is going home without Taiga, and this reminds Ryuuji of how Taiga is doing her best by herself for his sake. By chance, he runs into Ami on his way home, and she’s not particularly happy to see him, claiming that she hates him because he’s an idiot. Ami is actually meeting with Taiga and has brought a bag that Taiga wanted. After telling Ami about the change to the ski trip, Taiga also makes it clear that she doesn’t want Ami around Ryuuji during the trip. This leads to Ami hearing about how Ryuuji got rejected by Minori and how Taiga feels that this trip will be Ryuuji’s last chance to ascertain Minori’s true intentions. Before leaving, Ami suggests to Ryuuji that it’d be better if he were the only one to get hurt. Taiga and Ryuuji then head home in the same direction, and he gets the opportunity to thank her for what she’s doing. He’s still unsure about Minori’s actual feelings, however Taiga isn’t and believes in Ryuuji as well.

The next morning, Ryuuji sees Minori on his way to school, and this time, he’s able to greet her. When Taiga comes running towards them and tells Minori to grab Ryuuji, Minori does so, but Taiga then dashes past them and throws them her bag. That leaves the two to carry Taiga’s bag to school together, just as Taiga wanted. Along the way, Ryuuji comments on how Minori got her hair cut, and the two start talking about her hair and then her little brother. In class, Yusaku announces the groups for the trip, and Ryuuji and all of his friends are together. Since they need to make a trip guide, they decide to gather at Taiga’s house to plan things out. During all this, Ryuuji notices that Taiga’s able to speak normally with Yusaku now, but Taiga turns his attention to helping Minori make tea.

In the kitchen, Minori comments on how it’s strange that there’s usable tableware in Taiga’s home because it wasn’t that way when she last came to Taiga’s house during their first year in high school. She attributes it to Ryuuji, but he explains how Taiga is doing things on her own now. Minori nevertheless thinks that Taiga was able to do it because Ryuuji was there. She also mentions how she’s looking forward to the trip since it’s the last time everyone in their class will be doing something together, and she wishes that they could stay like this forever. Ryuuji, however, realizes that that wouldn’t be any good, and he’s determined to ascertain Minori’s true feelings during the trip. He knows that he has to do his best to tell her his own feelings which got cut off on Christmas Eve.


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