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Hisamitsu Noto (能登 久光 Noto Hisamitsu) is a male student in Ryuuji Takasu's class. 


Hisamitsu has light-brown hair and brown eyes and is usually seen wearing glasses. He wore red glasses for the ski trip but normally wears yellow or green glasses when at school. His height is average for a second year Japanese high school student. He is usually wearing the Ohashi High School's normal uniform, or wears casual clothing when outside of school.


Hisamitsu initially believed that Taiga and Ryuuji were going out, as seen in episode 2 of the anime. He says whatever he thinks and is friendly with the rest of Class 2-C. He is usually seen hanging out with Koji Haruta. Usually, he and Koji would hang out with Maya Kihara and Nanako Kashii. Hisamitsu also has poor eyesight so he wears glasses.


Hisamitsu was in Ryuuji Takasu's previous class and got along well with him. In episode 2, he pairs up with Minori Kushieda for basketball practice during P.E.

During the swimming race in episode 8, Hisamitsu appears to cheer on for Ami Kawashima.

During another basketball practice session just before the cultural festival, Hisamitsu begins to have a crush on Maya Kihara. Afterwards, when Class 2-C are to decide on their presentation for the cultural festival, Hisamitsu proposes a cosplay cafe, to the disappointment of the rest of the class. Eventually, through a lucky draw, the class settle on holding a professional wrestling show, with Hisamitsu playing an evil villain brainwashed by the Palmtop Tiger.

After the cultural festival, Hisamitsu tells Ryuuji about the Legend of the Palmtop Tiger of Happiness.

On the lead-up to the Christmas party, Hisamitsu, along with Maya, Haruta and Kitamura, meet up with Ryuuji and Taiga at a restaurant before going out shopping together. At this point, he tells Ryuuji that he would prefer Taiga being with Kitamura.

During the ski trip after Christmas, tensions simmer between Hisamitsu and Maya as they first disagree with being put in the same group, then they boil over when Hisamitsu accuses Maya of trying to be with Kitamura. Afterwards, Hisamitsu confirms that Maya has been giving him the cold shoulder. In the lead-up to Valentine's Day, Hisamitsu walks by Ryuuji and Taiga selling chocolates, and ends up denying that he had any feelings for Maya.

After Taiga's decision to transfer out of Ohashi High School, Hisamitsu joins the rest of Class 2-C in a group photo to send back to her. By the time he graduates, Maya still refuses to talk to him.


  • The name Hisamitsu means "long time" (久) (hisa) and "light" (光) (mitsu).
  • Hisamitsu's surname Noto means "function, ability, talent, skill, capacity" (能) (no) and "rise, ascend" (登) (to).




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