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Kōji Haruta (春田 浩次 Haruta Kōji) is a male student in Ryuuji Takasu's class who is regarded as the 'class idiot' that this opinion is deepened by his poor school marks and overly energetic behavior.


Kōji's full body

Kōji has shoulder-length dark blue hair that has bangs hanging over the left side, matching dark blue eyes and his height is slightly taller than Yusaku Kitamura.

He is usually seen wearing the Ohashi High School uniform with a hood inside it. However, Kōji is never seen wearing the hood from his uniform.


Kōji is usually a overly-happy and cheerful boy who is considered as the "Class Idiot" and "Class Clown" as he is also seen with a lot of over-energetic behavior. Kōji initially has trouble courting the opposite gender, as evidenced in episode 2 of the anime when he fails to find a partner for basketball practice. By the end of the series, he has a girlfriend named Sena Hamada - her name is given in a spin-off story, but she remains unnamed in the anime.

Despite appearing to slack off in class and struggle academically, Kōji has creative talent - he wrote the script for the pro-wrestling show his class put on during the cultural festival, and organized the rehearsals. He also knows how to ski.

Kōji is able to recall dreams he had, including a perverted one involving the rest of Class 2-C. He is often the target of Taiga Aisaka's violent outbursts, although these become more playful over time.

Kōji normally hangs out with Hisamitsu Noto during school, and sometimes with Maya Kihara and Nanako Kashii as well.


  • The name Kōji means "prosperous" (浩) () and "next" (次) (ji).
  • Kōji's surname Haruta means "spring" (春) (haru) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta).