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Kota Tomiie (富家 幸太 Tomīe Kōta) is one of the main characters of the Toradora Spin-off!. He is a first-year student who is generally unhappy about his life that he works on the student council in general affairs and gets good grades.


In his debut in the short story at the end of Volume 2, Kota is portrayed as an unfortunate student who missed the first month of term due to an accident. On one of the days that he attends a student council meeting, Kota asks about the "Palmtop Tiger". Sumire Kano and Yusaku Kitamura agree to send Kota off on a mission to find and touch the Palmtop Tiger.

The above story is loosely adapted into the anime episode The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness, where the rumor is made explicit from the start. Kota does not appear until he inadvertently throws a can of coffee at the subject of those rumors, Taiga Aisaka. Taiga shoots him a glare and he runs away. After Taiga buys a set of photos taken at the cultural festival, Kota falls over just behind Taiga at the door to the lockers and appears to peek up her skirt. Taiga chases after Kota, and the commotion is seen from inside the student council's room by Sakura Kano. Sakura catches up to Kota by sunset and they walk together.

Their relationship develops further in Toradora! Spin-Off Volume 1.


  • The name Kota means "happiness, good luck" (幸) (ko) and "thick, big" (太) (ta).
  • Kota's surname Tomiie means "wealth, abundance" (富) (tomi) and "house, home, family" (家) (ie).