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The first edition of the Toradora! manga was released on February 27, 2008 in Japan and on March 1, 2011 in English under ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Comics. The story was written by Yuyuko Takemiya and the art is by Zekkyo. It contains the first 6 chapters of the manga series as well as a special chapter entitled "A Day In The Life Of Ya-Chan".

Chapter 1:Enter the Palmtop Tiger

Short Summary

Ryuuji Takasu is unhappy about how his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent who is always ready to fight someone. He wants to get closer to a girl he likes, Minori Kushieda, but has not been able to tell her his feelings. On the first day of his second year of high school, he bumps into a diminutive girl, Taiga Aisaka, known for snapping at others and for her outward brutality. By coincidence, Taiga and Minori are in Ryuuji's class this year. Later Taiga accidentally puts a love letter in Ryuuji's bag, thinking it was Yusaku Kitamura's bag. Ryuuji finds the love letter and discovers it was for his friend Kitamura Yusaku. Ryuuji then finds that the envelope is empty and that no letter was placed into it.

Chapter 2: Midnight Assault

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Ryuuji then finds that the envelope was supposed to contain a love letter is empty and that no letter was placed into it. He later wakes up, feeling that something is wrong and is viciously attacked by Taiga for reading her love letter and for knowing that she liked Yusaku. She uses her bokuto to try to kill him. When she discovers that the envelope was empty, Taiga collapses from hunger and is fed by Ryuuji. Ryuuji then brings out all the items and plans he had for his crush, though he was too embarrassed to ask her out. Taiga discovers that Ryuuji's crush is her best friend, Minori. Ryuuji realizes the time and promises Taiga he'll help her get with Yusaku is she left his house before his mother got home.

The next morning, Ryuuji is awoken by his phone ringing. He answers it and a very angry Taiga yells at him to come over and make her breakfast. Ryuuji tells her to give him thirty more minutes. He also discovers that Taiga lives next door to him, on the second floor of an expansive apartment building.

Chapter 3: Right In Front Of Your Nose

Short Summary

After getting called over by Taiga, Ryuuji quickly gets ready for school and makes his mom her lunch. He then heads over to the expensive apartment building next door and sneaks in when a woman exits. He realizes that he doesn't have Taiga's room number but when he arrives on the second floor, he discovers that there is only one door and that the apartment takes up the whole floor. Ryuuji knocks on the door several times to no reply so he tried opening it and found it unlocked. 

He entered a spacious apartment with very little furniture and found Taiga's sink a disaster. It contained many pots and pans all of which were molded which also molded the water itself, creating a horrible stench. Ryuuji then discovers Taiga had gone back to sleep, so he quickly cleaned the kitchen and made breakfast for her.

By the time they're both ready for school, they're late and leave running together, when they get into a fight and Ryuuji demands the lunchbox he made for Taiga back. They then run into Minorin, who was waiting for Taiga so they could walk to school together. When she see's the two of them together, she gets the wrong idea and thinks they're dating. They quickly cleared that up as a no and just as the three of them were about to go to school, Taiga said that only she and Minorin would be going, deciding that she wouldn't let Ryuuji get close to his crush until she had a chance to get close to Yusaku.

Chapter 4: Pass Practice Plan for Love

Short Summary

Ryuuji and Taiga decide to knock out Yusaku's partner with a basketball during their warm up drills and take him to the infirmary while Taiga pairs up with Kitamura since both of their partners would be gone. The two enthusiastically pair up, causing everyone to pair up with a person of the oppsoite gender. This causes and issue for Ryuuji since he doesn't feel comfortable hitting a girl in the face with a basketball.

When Kitamura's ball rolls over to Taiga and while his partner goes to get it, Taiga grabs it and has her chance to knock out Yusaku's partner. Instead, she passes the ball to Kitamura. She then commands Ryuuji to hit Kitamura's partner, so he throws the ball and instead of hitting Kitamura's parnet, he hits his own. Ryuuji immediantly picks Taiga up and rushes her to the infirmary.

Chapter 5: Ryuuji and Taiga's First Group Project

Short Summary

After the basketball incident, Taiga returns in time for lunch from the infirmary. Ryuuji invites Taiga to come sit with him so he can properly apologize for hitting her in the face with the basketball. He then also invites Minorin and Kitamura to sit with them and they both gladly accept. Mid-way through their lunch, however, Kitamura and Minorin need to leave for an imergency softball club meeting since they're both the team captains for their gender. Once they're gone, Taiga talks happily about how she "practiced" with Kitamura, even though she threw the ball to him once.

The two then decided to make cookies for Taiga to give to Kitamura. Taiga insists on making them herself and burns all but a handful of the cookies. They put the cookies in the bag and are chasing after Kitamura up the stairs when Taiga slips and falls, throwing the cookies out the window. Lucky for her, Ryuuji was there to catch her, hurting himself in the process. Taiga leaves to retrieve the cookies.

Chapter 6: That Rumored Pair

Short Summary

Taiga meets back up with Ryuuji in their classroom and she mopes about being a total klutz. Ryuuji takes the cookies she made and eats them, telling her they're delicious when in reality, Taiga had mixed the salt up with the sugar. Ryuuji then gives her the cookies he made to eat and she finds them delicous.

Taiga then decides to leave ahead of Ryuuji, telling him to watch Minorin at her softball practice, but trips only a few steps later and Ryuuji goes to help her up. The two of them head to Ryuuji's house where they get into a small argument about the TV, which disturbs Ya-chan and brings her out of her room, ready for work.

Ya-chan asks Taiga and Ryuuji if the dress she's wearing looks good and Taiga points out that she can see her underwear through the dress. Ya-chan feels ashamed until Inko-chan tells her it's okay. She then gets back to her normal, happy self.

The next day at school, Ryuuji and Tagia come to class together as they had for almost the whole year and find everyone staring at them awkwardly. Minorin then drags Taiga and Ryuuji up to the roof where her and Kitaruma ask for them to be good to each other, both of them ignoring both Taiga and Ryuuji's attempts to diminish the idea that the two of them were together.

Special: A Day in the Life of Ya-chan

Short Summary

A Day in the Life of Ya-chan takes place some time after Taiga and Ryuuji met. It revolves around Ya-chan's daily schedule for one day. She goes about sleeping, cleaning, folding clothes and going to work. In this chapter, Ya-chan, unlike their classmates, believes that Taiga and Ryuuji are best friends.

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