Manga Edition 2

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The second edition of the Toradora! manga was released on February 27, 2009 in Japan and on July 5, 2011 in English under ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Comics. The story was written by Yuyuko Takemiya and the art is by Zekkyo. It contains chapters 7-14 of the manga as well as a special chapter entitled "Ryuuji and Taiga's Summer Vacation".

Chapter 7: A Beautiful Couple

Short Summary

Because of the time they've spent together doing various activities, rumors that Taiga and Ryuuji are dating rapidly start to spread. Many people believe the rumors, including Minori, Ryuuji's crush and Kitamura, Taiga's crush. Minori drags Taiga and Ryuuji up to the roof of their school and asks Ryuuji to take good care of her best friend. Kitamura also appears on the roof and asks Taiga to take good care of Ryuuji.

Chapter 8

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