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Maya Kihara

E20 - 42

Name Kanji

木原麻耶 Kihara Maya





Personal Status

Ohashi High School





First Appearances
Manga Debut

Chapter 4

Anime Debut

Episode 2

Japanese VA

Ai Nonaka


Maya Kihara is in class 2-C, and is friends with Nanako and Ami.


Maya is outgoing and on good terms with almost everyone of Class 2-C. She usually hangs out with Nanako and Ami since she knew Ami was a model and also a childhood friend of Yusaku.


Maya has long orange hair with reddish-brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing the Ohashi High School normal uniform. She is also shown to have a great fashion sense. This is shown when the pool was opened at the school, Maya wore a really fashionable bikini. In the OVA, Maya is shown putting her hair in pig-tails.


Maya is a female student in Ryuuji's class who often hangs out with Nanako. She is a kogal and the center of the 'stand out group' of girls of class 2-C. She has a crush on Yusaku, and she circuitously opposes the idea of Taiga and Yusaku being a couple, and wants Taiga and Ryuuji to be together.


Nanako Kashii

Nanako and Maya are very close. They hang out with each other at class, then is later joined by Ami. Nanako knew that Maya has a crush on Yusaku. It is evident that they have been close friends since childhood, as they are constantly seen talking to each other. Nanako and Maya also hang out together outside of school, as seen when they arrive together at the group study where Koji, Hisamitsu, Taiga and Ryuuji went.

Ami Kawashima

Maya decided to hang out with Ami because Ami is a childhood friend of Yusaku and is also a model, making her popular at school. Maya and Ami have common interests in certain things. Maya, Nanako and Ami are often seen hanging out and drinking coffee after school. Maya only knows Ami's facade that she shows to most students of the school, and isn't aware of Ami's "true self".

Yusaku Kitamura

Maya had a crush on Yusaku. Maya was eager to get closer to Yusaku during the school ski trip, which resulted in her getting in a big fight with Hisamitsu. 


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