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Ohashi High School is a high school in Japan in which the characters of Toradora! attend.


Class 2-C

Class 2-C is a second year class at Ohashi High. It is the class that the main characters are in. It gained quite a bit of fame, even after the main characters graduated, with rumors being spread around the school, about the main characters.

The main characters were given titles such as "The palmtop tiger" or "The girl that brings happiness and luck" which referred to Taiga, or the "Patron saint of broken hearts" which referred to Yusaku. Ryuuji was also known for having a scary face, and Ami was known for being a famous model.

At the end of episode 25, students from Ohashi High are talking about the main characters that are about to graduate, stating that they are going to miss them. They spoke of class 2-C, how they made the culture and athletic festivals awesome, and how they swept the floor in the culture festival, and continued to talk about Taiga and Ryuuji.