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Pool Opening
Episode 7
Name Kanji プールびらき Pūru Biraki
Screenwriter Junko Okazaki
Original Air date November 13, 2008
Opening & Ending
Opening Song Pre-Parade
Ending Song Vanilla Salt
True Self
For Whose Sake?

"Pool Opening" is the 7th episode of Toradora! and was first aired on Novenber 13, 2008. The screenwriter for the episode was Junko Okazaki.

Short Summary

Because the school's pool has finally opened for the summer, Minori, Ami, and Taiga buy swimsuits with Ryuuji. Ami and Minori easily pick out swimsuits while Taiga has trouble due to her small chest. Later, Ryuuji realizes Taiga's problem and decides to add padding to make her breasts look bigger and fill out her swimsuit. At the pool, people are throwing others into the pool, and Ami throws Taiga into the pool. It turns out Taiga cannot swim; when Ryuuji goes to save her, she tells him one of the pads came out. Ryuuji manages to work everything out and Taiga is saved. Back at the classroom, Ami and Taiga argue until Minori shows up, telling them to settle things with a sports contest.

Episode Summary

Although she catches Ami with Ryuuji at his apartment, Taiga tells Minori that no one is there. Ami suggests that Taiga doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that a woman other than herself came into Ryuuji’s apartment, and though Taiga is pissed off, she just leaves. Later that night, Ryuuji tries to explain to Taiga that Ami was just teasing, and he apologizes, but she pretends not to care and questions why he’s apologizing. The next morning, Ryuuji wakes up late and has to rush to school with Taiga. When the two finally get there, they run into Ami, and Taiga almost gets into an argument with her, but it’s broken up after Minori steps in. During class, their homeroom teacher informs them that they’ll be having a pool day tomorrow, and this causes Taiga to panic. Ryuuji and Minori have to drag her to go swimsuit shopping, and it doesn’t help that Ami goes to the same store as well. Ami first teases Taiga with a little girl’s swimsuit and then tries to play up her own beauty in a swimsuit in front of Ryuuji, but he gets pulled into a changing room by Taiga. She refuses to wear something children-sized, and though she found an extra small swimsuit, she’s reluctant to go with it. Ryuuji convinces her to buy it, and he learns later that night that Taiga doesn’t know how to swim. She’s bothered by something else though, and Ryuuji figures out what it is after Taiga becomes fascinated by his mother’s large breasts and the soy milk she drinks.

The source of Taiga’s worries is the fact that she has tiny breasts, and even the extra small swimsuit she bought is loose in the chest area. Seeing how depressed Taiga is about this, Ryuuji decides to help and stays up all night sewing her some special pads. Taiga stays up with him and even apologizes to him, and she loves the pads when they’re finally finished. When it’s finally time for the session at the pool, Taiga is very happy with how good the pads make her look, and Minori is the only one who figures out the truth. Kitamura meanwhile is without his glasses, so he can only see Taiga’s general figure and compliments her on her mouse look. As Taiga is enjoying this compliment however, Ami comes over and throws her into the water. When Taiga starts flailing around in the water, Ryuuji remembers how she had told him that she can’t swim, but when he goes to save her, he realizes that the actual problem is that one of her pads fell out. With no other choice, he pulls her underwater so that no one can see them and then stuffs the pad back. In the aftermath, Ami tries to apologize, but it develops into an argument with Taiga again after Ami attempts to get Ryuuji and Kitamura to come to her villa by the beach for summer vacation. Taiga counters by threatening Ami with the monomane video, and it’s once again Minori who stops the two from fighting. Instead, Minori suggests that the two girls have a sports competition.


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