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Sumire Kanou (狩野すみれ Kanō Sumire) is the former student council president and always manages to get the top grades in school; she is a scholarship student and has horrible eyesight, yet prefers not to wear glasses. Sumire likes Yusaku Kitamura and as a result is the object of a one-sided hostility from Taiga Aisaka. She later leaves and studies abroad in the US, as she wants to become an astronaut, and because of this, she rejects Yusaku's confession and conceals her own feelings, so that he will not pursue her in the US.



Sumire is a rather tall and imposing girl. She's beautiful and has long, beautiful dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. In the light novel, her hair is black instead. She wears the school uniform, which is a grey skirt, white ruffled blouse and a red coat.


Sumire has a strong-minded personality as she depends on to be a figure to those who will follow. She is reserved, strong, cunning, short-tempered, somewhat rebellious, bold and very determined, and sometimes can be aggressive, rude and hot-tempered, but she actually has a softer side. She is really smart, as she is a scholarship student and always gets high grades at school and also manages being the student council. Despite this, as mentioned in her first episode, she can be quite forgetful, proven by her not remembering how many students forgot their handbooks, and said by Taiga Aisaka, as she forgot to say "At ease."

While Sumire is really strong-minded, she is actually quite kind, afraid to hurt other people and also helps other people when they are in need. This is shown when she helps Yusaku Kitamura and invites him to join the Student Council after he got rejected by Taiga. Another example is also when Yusaku confesses his feelings for her, but rejected him in order for him not to follow her in the US because the school will need a new student council president.


Not much is known about Sumire's background, except that her parents own a supermarket and she has a younger sister named Sakura Kano who is a year younger than her.


The days leading up to her departure for United States, Yusaku Kitamura confesses to Sumire in front of the whole school that he loves her, but Sumire turns him down as she is afraid that she would be a burden, as she knows he would chase her anywhere.

However, this enrages Taiga Aisaka as she bursts into her classroom and demands a fight, to which Sumire accepts. The two fight and Taiga calls her cowardly and foul for rejecting Kitamura, the fight continues until Ryuuji Takasu comes in and pulls Taiga off of Sumire. She then confesses that she is in fact in love with Kitamura, but she doesn't want him to chase after her to the US, in which Kitamura hears this and thanks her, claiming he still loves her and she leaves for the US shortly after.


  • Sumire's surname Kano means "hunt, raid, gather" (狩) (ka) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


  • Her first name is only mentioned twice in the anime series.
  • Sumire bears a resemblance to Ami Kawashima:
    • Both have blue hair
    • Both are close to Yusaku Kitamura
    • Both have a standoffish personality
  • Sumire appears to be highly skilled in Kendo and Judo as she uses it during the fight with Taiga Aisaka, hinting that she is also a skilled member in the high school's Kendo and Judo clubs.
  • Sumire is the student council president that she always manages to get the best grades in school, which makes her a scholarship student.