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Taiga's mother appears as a middle aged woman with short, light brown hair, green eyes and square glasses.


Taiga's mother is shown to love her daughter and takes active interest in her life, unlike her former husband. Later, through voicemails to Taiga, she is shown to be an impatient woman who has a short temper, similar to her daughter.


After Taiga's accident on the ski trip, she stays with her mother for several days. During that time, Taiga's mother tries to convince her daughter to move in with her.

She makes a proper appearance in the last arc of the story with Yasuko Takasu to confront Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka as they both run away and plan to elope. After this, she tries calling Taiga several times, but her daughter never answers, leading her to become increasingly irritated as she leaves voice messages.

Eventually, Taiga decides to confront her mother and move in with her, resulting in Taiga spending her last year of high school at a different school.