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That Moment's Expression
Episode 4
Name Kanji あのときの顔 Ano Toki no Kao
Animation Director Hiroshi Tomioka

Tomoyuki Shimotani

Screenwriter Mari Okada
Original Air date October 23, 2008
Opening & Ending
Opening Song Pre-Parade
Ending Song Vanilla Salt
Your Song
Ami Kawashima

"That Moment's Expression" is the 4th episode of Toradora! and first aired on October 23, 2008. The screenwriter for the episode was Mari Okada.

Short Summary

After viewing some blurred images Taiga Aisaka took of Yusaku Kitamura, Ryuuji Takasu offers to take pictures of him for Taiga. During school, Taiga speaks out to the student council president, but is stopped by Yusaku, causing her to become both happy and depressed. Yūsaku and Minori Kushieda force Ryuuji and Taiga to eat with them during lunch. Taiga becomes tense in the presence of Yusaku and inadvertently tells them that Ryūji made her bento. Ryuuji covers this up by saying that he is making bento for money. Ryuuji manages to take several photos of Yusaku, but he later finds out about them. Yusaku shows his own photos of Taiga to Ryuuji. He tells Ryuuji that he confessed to Taiga a year ago that he liked her, but she quickly turned him down, only to end up liking him. Taiga later recounts this to Ryuuji but becomes angry about the embarrassing things she is telling him. 

Episode Summary

Ryuuji arrives at Taiga’s apartment with breakfast one morning and finds her still in bed. While she’s getting up, he notices a box sticking out of a closet, and inside the box is a photo album filled with blurry pictures of Kitamura. Taiga is angry when she sees him going through the album, but she admits that she has a hard time taking pictures of Kitamura, so Ryuuji offers to take some for her. This gets Taiga into a daydreaming mood thinking about the potential pictures, but the mood is partially spoiled after she screws up a run-in with Kitamura at school and then finds out how popular he is with girls. She also gets quite pissed off at student council president Sumire Kano during the morning assembly and has to be restrained by Kitamura. Taiga becomes depressed for having caused Kitamura trouble by arguing with Sumire, but her mood swings again when Kitamura and Minori joins her and Ryuuji for lunch. The problem there is that Kitamura thinks that Taiga made her own lunch, but Taiga points to Ryuuji, and Ryuuji has to claim that he does it to earn extra income. Minori and Kitamura then get called away, and Taiga panics when she realizes that Kitamura now knows that Ryuuji makes her lunches for her.

Later that afternoon, Taiga drags Ryuuji to the softball field and wants him to take pictures of Kitamura playing softball. She gets so impatient waiting for him to configure the camera that she grabs it from him and starts frantically taking pictures herself, but all of her shots are still horribly blurry. Taiga drools over the photos and later that night, she helps Ryuuji in cooking since he had earlier promised to make lunch for Kitamura and Minori. Peeling potatoes doesn’t work out so well for her, so she ends up just making onigiri. After dinner, Taiga is all over the Kitamura photographs again, so Ryuuji tells her about laminating them. However, after going through some more pictures, Taiga suddenly slows down and then gets angry at Ryuuji, culminating in her deciding to go home to choose which to laminate.

The next day, Ryuuji gets his wish of obtaining a picture of Minori when she brings by a photo of her eating the pudding she made in a bucket. After class, he finds Taiga still looking through the photos, and she decides to have him choose photos for her. As Ryuuji is looking through them, he’s approached by Kitamura and accidentally lets Kitamura know that the photos belong to Taiga. This in turn prompts Kitamura to show Ryuuji the photo he keeps of Taiga in his student handbook, and Ryuuji is shocked to find out that Kitamura has this because he had feelings for Taiga. Kitamura even confessed to her, but she immediately rejected him.

When Ryuuji asks Taiga about this, she admits that she had been surprised when Kitamura confessed and had initially rejected him, but she had then started to like him. She also reveals that Kitamura’s specific confession had mentioned her not hiding her anger and how he preferred a straight personality. Taiga knows that it was a strange confession for Kitamura to make, but it still made her happy because she felt needed. Concerning the photos, she had wanted one of Kitamura where his face was like that of when he confessed, but there were none like that. In thinking about all this later that night, Ryuuji wonders what meaning being needed by someone has for Taiga, and he decides that it would have been better if she hadn’t answered Kitamura right away.


  • The book that Class 2-C are reading, the one that Koji Haruta is struggling with, seems to be "As You Like it", by Shakespeare.
  • The photo that Taiga pauses on before she yells at Ryuuji, seems to be of him.
  • The shop that Taiga and Ryuuji visit, "Sudoh-Bucks", is an obvious parody to real life's Starbucks, with Ryuuji even commenting about how the shop hasn't gotten sued yet.


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