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Under the Fir Tree
Episode 18
Opening & Ending
Opening Song Silky Heart
Ending Song Orange
Mercury Retrogrades at Christmas
Christmas Eve Festival

"Under the Fir Tree" is the 18th episode of Toradora! and was first aired on February 5, 2009. The screenwriter for the episode was Masahiro Yokotani.

Short Summary

Everyone is helping with the Christmas party. While Ryuuji's friends keep giving Yusaku and Taiga some alone time, Ami compares Ryuuji's relationship with Taiga as akin to a father/daughter relationship, and tells him he should stop it soon. After the final exam, Ryuuji helps Taiga send presents to her parents and some lonely children. Taiga recalls when she got to meet Santa, which despite possibly being a dream, gives her hope that someone is always watching over her. Everyone helps put together an artificial Christmas tree topped with a glass star that Taiga brought. Everyone is pleased with their efforts and awed by the sight of the tree lit up. However, a stray softball crashes through the gym window and knocks over the tree, smashing the star. This sends Minori into deep regret and she forces it upon herself to fix the broken star; despite her protests, Ryuuji helps her out. The baseball club apologizes and Minori leaves, still declining Ryuuji's offer of going to the party as she feels she would not be welcome after the accident. Despite hearing that, Ryuuji promises her that he will wait for her.

Episode Summary

Preparations are underway for the Christmas party, but Minori still isn’t planning on attending and is avoiding Ryuuji. Despite this, his spirits remain high, and the preparations bring him to the gym storeroom where Ami and the others are working on ornaments. Ryuuji ends up alone with Ami after Noto pairs off Yusaku and Taiga to do other work, and when he starts talking about how Taiga and Yusaku are being brought together by everyone, Ami wonders if he’s jealous. He denies it, but that leads Ami to suggest that he’s like a father who is giving his daughter away as a bride. She knows that he’s not Taiga’s father, but she thinks that he treasures the woman he decided not to lay a hand on. Ami goes as far as to suggest that he’s playing house with the wife set in his heart and with Taiga as the child, but she also notes how unnatural that relationship is. She thinks that he should stop, start over, and include her this time, but he doesn’t hear that last part and she doesn’t repeat it. She ultimately decides to tell him to forget everything she just said, and before walking off, she notes how everyone understands themselves the least.

On the last day of final exams, Taiga tries to invite Minori out to lunch so that she can help bring her and Ryuuji together again, but Minori claims to have softball practice to go to. Taiga actually has something she needs to do as well at the post office – something that she doesn’t want Ryuuji tagging along on – but he goes with her anyway in order to avoid having to have lunch with Maya who wants to talk with him. It turns out that Taiga needs to go to the post office because she has a huge pile of presents to send out, including ones addressed to her father and step-mother. She’s not sending them presents though because she wants to start over with them – she’s doing it because it’s Christmas and they’re her parents. As for the rest of the presents, they all have Santa Claus written as the sender, and the reason behind those goes back to Taiga’s days in Catholic school.

That school required volunteer work, and Taiga is now sending presents to the less fortunate children she used to work with. More specifically, she wants to let them know that, even if they don’t have parents or don’t believe in God, someone is watching over them and cares about them. Taiga wants to believe this herself, and for her, that someone is Santa Claus. She explains to Ryuuji that she really loves Christmas and all the happiness everywhere, and she wants to be a part of that. Taiga also claims to have actually met Santa Claus once when she was young and had slept under the Christmas tree. Back then, Santa Claus had given her a present and had promised to come again if she was a good girl. Taiga knows that it might have been just a dream, but it was a really happy dream, and that’s why she wants to be a good girl now. She’s okay with it because she feels that this is a dream that isn’t real, and she’s not relying on someone real.

All this remains on Ryuuji’s mind later as he and the rest of the class are assembling their giant Christmas tree. Watching Taiga in the middle of everything, he thinks to himself that, unlike her life up until now, she now has friends plus himself and his mother. Taiga meanwhile gives Yusaku a crystal star she brought from home to put on the top of the tree, and when they finally light the tree up, it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, a ball comes crashing through the window moments later and knocks over the tree. Taiga can only watch in shock as her crystal star falls onto the gym floor and shatters. It turns out that the ball was hit by Minori during her practice, and although Taiga doesn’t blame her, Minori shoulders all the responsibility of breaking something important to her best friend. Thus, while everyone else works on putting the tree back up, Minori gathers the shattered pieces and desperately tries to put them back together again.

Minori doesn’t want Ryuuji’s help in doing this, however he insists on it – he claims that he’s not helping her but is rather doing this for his own sake. This leaves Minori in tears, and Ryuuji answers her each time she calls out his name while crying. He is eventually able to put back together most of the shattered star, and he uses it as proof to Minori that broken things can be fixed. When she points out that it won’t be the same as it was originally, he counters by noting how it’s still shining. In the end, the reassembled star goes back on top of the tree, and Minori and her teammates apologize to the class before leaving. Ryuuji runs after her to tell her to come to the party and to say that he wants to spend his time there with her, but Minori still feels that she can’t. Despite this, Ryuuji vows to wait for her.


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