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Hello. I first picked up Toradora! from the first manga, which was in stock at my place of work. I'd grab it and read it during my breaks. After I'd finished it, I'd wanted more. I binged the entire anime across 72 hours. I immediately fell in love with the characters and the story (if you cut through all the ridiculousness). This series holds a place dear to my heart. It really helped pull me out a dark place in my life. I was depressed and isolated, but am now feeling a bit more confident. Still having trouble breaking out of my own personal bubble. I write in my free time, and love to obsess over the finer points of the characters. Currently collecting and reading the light novel, and re-watching the series for the third time.


  • What is your favorite episode?
  • Have you read the manga and/or the light novel?
  • Who is your favorite character and why?
    • Favorite character is Minori Kushieda. Her character holds a lot of depth. In the end, she was not only willing to give up the happiness of her heart, but the happiness she chose. Her entire life savings, possibly along with her dream of becoming a softball star, she was willing to give for Takasu and Taiga. She was going to give it all up for her friends. Because she loved them more. She didn't need to see ghosts anymore... because she had seen her ghost... and that's all she needed.
  • What is your favorite shipping and why?
  • Why did you join this wiki?


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