This is the author's notes for Volume 1 of the "Toradora!" Light Novel series. The text is from Baka-tsuki.

Author's Notes

This is Take Yuyu, whose weight is ever increasing. Whenever I lower my head to look at my foreboding body, I always wonder "This isn't a stomach anymore, it's a floating ring!" This realization updates itself everyday. Though floating rings might actually represent hope, or a dream, or even happiness? Well, if that's the case... it might be a good thing for the stomach to get bigger then! If you don't agree with me, then I'll show no mercy! (Says that as she eyes the bag of instant noodles nearby.)

Anyway, has everyone finished reading Toradora! Volume 1 now? I would like to thank each reader for purchasing this book, and I'm glad if you actually like it.

Q: Why aren't there any battle scenes, portrayals of the characters' inner world, or characters getting "fired up"?

A: That's just how I chose to design the story.

... The world of Toradora! is slice of life. A very normal romantic story, with a bit of comedy. I intend to write these sort of stories from now on, so if you like it, please continue to support Toradora!

By the way, I would like to thank readers of my other novel Watashitachi no Tamura-kun for sending me letters. Thanks a lot! Your thoughts have all been read in their entirety. I treat every letter seriously to the point of wanting to hug them while sleeping. To thank these voices of support, I'll work hard on coming up with new developments for the Tamura-kun series.

Anyway, I guess this book will to arrive in everyone's hands by March (2006)... (Though I say guess, it's more like expected...) Though it's January 3rd now as I write this Author's Note, so I might as well wish everyone a Happy New Year! Under the pressure of making resolutions, I made the following declaration: I have only one goal for this year, that is to work harder.

The reason I made such a goal was because of something my editor unintentionally said,

"... Takemiya-san, just what do you normally do?"

He probably has forgotten about it, but I really freaked out when I heard a question like that. What do I normally do? I'm a professional writer... I don't normally work...

As I ponder carefully as to why he would ask such a question, I finally figured out the true meaning of what my editor was trying to say:

"(As an up-and-coming writer as well as being a professional, you only come out with two volumes every year. Though there are now more chapters in the books, it doesn't really feel like you've been working...) Takemiya-san, (as someone who should be working) just what do you normally (besides work) do? (By the way, aren't you getting fat lately?)"

As I come back to my senses...

What do I normally do? I am indeed working! Though I spend more time eating snacks, cooking spaghetti, adding warm milk, mixing the spaghetti with cod, steaming potatoes, sprinkling nori on the cod spaghetti, cooking ham, and adding some natto on the cod spaghetti... things like that... to be more precise... Aren't I eating too much cod lately?

That's right, I must stop making cod spaghetti and get responsibly back to work! Now isn't the time to eat cod spaghetti twice (200g each as well) a day! So for the sake of this floating ring...! It'll be nice if I can get rid of this slab of meat...!

That's why this year I must work hard, as well as keep my intake of cod spaghetti to a minimum. In order for readers to enjoy my work, I have to concentrate with all my might no matter what, and work hard even if it means breaking my keyboard.

Next, my New Year's wish is "To naturally grow thin as I work hard"! As well as hoping that when visiting the editor, I don't repeat the tragedy of hurting my back while sitting on the soft sofa, resulting in me having to sit somewhere else...

Finally, thank you for reading this far. As with my other novel, Yasu-sensei is again in charge of illustrating this novel. To Yasu-sensei and the editors, I look forward to working further with you. See you in the next volume of Toradora! Alright, it's time for me to go and pick up those keyboard keys which I accidentally smashed while typing too hard.

Yuyuko Takemiya