This is the author's notes for Volume 2 of the "Toradora!" Light Novel series.

Author's Notes

This is the relatively plump “Yu”. My favorite phrase is “Well then, why don’t we settle this with sumo?!”, my desire is the sumo arena, and my special move is the penetrating sumo slap. How about it, the stability of my lower body is…Well, you’re probably already amazed, right?...It’s first come, first served, you know? (Message to the heads of the sumo stables)

Well, to everyone who’s picked up Toradora 2, I’d like to say thank you very much! This second volume had some extreme parts scattered about for some reason, but you did enjoy it, didn’t you? I’ll be continuing on with another volume, so I really hope to have everyone’s full support! In order to provide you with an enjoyable experience, it’s fine even if I have to trade in the ‘(youth of my skin)’ that I prize as a woman to the devil of love comedies…! I’ll give you this too, take it! (Referring to feminine hormones)

Now then, most people probably already know about it, but “Our Tamura-kun” is being serialized in Dengeki Comic Gao!. I’m looking forward to seeing just how Tamura and the others will look in manga form. I’m hoping you’ll all accept it along with “Toradora!”.

So. Anyway, I’m crazy about cod roe spaghetti. Every day that extraordinary deliciousness makes me tremble…Ooh, it’s so pervertedly delicious. The thing that fattens me up like crazy even more in the winter is the gem of the meat bun world, the totally delicious Chinese BBQ bun. And also…Well, that is…BBQ buns, or rather…Chinese BBQ ramen…(Plural form). Eating several bowls a day, it’s no wonder I’m putting on weight.

However, it’s not like I’m just putting on weight willy-nilly. I tried dieting. A low-carbohydrate diet. I had a set menu planned for a week, but after one full day, all I could think about was rice. All that was left on my mind was rice. Filled one hundred percent with that white, sticky, and oh so delicious stuff. I received a called from my editor about work, but my head was dysfunctional and I couldn’t even reply at all. Hungry and crying, I started phoning my mother…I wanted to hear her voice…Well then, I, I stopped. My editors even told me “It’s starting to mess up your work, so cut it out already.”, so I stopped limiting what I ate. I don’t want to cry those bitter tears! So I reaffirmed my love of rice…Ah?!...Love, rice…Rabu, kome…?...Having thought of such a thing, maybe I should explain it like that…? To my brain?

Well then, all of you readers who have hung with me up until now! Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you very much. I love you all so very much, I’d want to introduce my parents to you all. If my work can be enjoyed even a little, it makes me extremely happy. Also, to Yasu-sensei and my editor, thank you for always taking care of me. In the future as well, I hope we can continue to trudge along as a threesome. And then now, to Kinoko Nasu-sensei who put the comment on the band. Thank you very much for your time. If it’s Nasu-sensei, then I don’t mind if I’m seen with the proper style (Hair pulled up into a bun) that’s passed down in the Takemiya family…