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Yasuko Takasu


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Name Kanji

高須 泰子 Takasu Yasuko





Personal Status

Club Entairtaner


Ryuuji Takasu (son)
Seiji Takasu (father)
Sonoko Takasu (mother)
Taiga Aisaka (daughter-in-law)

First Appearances
Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese VA

Sayaka Ohara

English VA

Karen Strassman (English)

Yasuko Takasu also known as Mirano, is Ryuuji's mother.


Yasuko is Ryuuji's thirty-three-year-old mother, though she refers to herself as eternally twenty-three. She has large F-cup-sized breasts. Though she tells Ryuuji his father died before he was born, the truth is they were never married and he left her before Ryuuji was born and she raised her son by herself. She is also klutzy and is never entirely in this world as she is usually half asleep. 


She works at a hostess bar named Bishamontengoku where she goes by the name "Mirano" (魅羅乃), and singlehandedly supports her two-member family financially. However, she has a childish personality and since she works, she entrusts the household chores to Ryuuji, although she gives him some encouraging advice to help his relationship with Taiga Aisaka. She instantly takes a liking to Taiga and already regards her as a member of her family, getting depressed when Taiga will not appear for dinner. However, she does get angry when woken up too early since she usually comes home very late.

Despite her childish, air-headed behavior, Yasuko proves to have a rather good insight of other people. She cares deeply for Ryuuji and sees his potential. To support his dreams, she took on two jobs so that he wouldn't need to work to support himself through school. When he starts working at the bakery, she gets upset because she wanted him to focus on studying rather than working. She is known to Taiga as Ya-chan

Early on in her life she met Ryuuji's father who abandoned her when she told him. The pregnancy caused issues between Yasuko and her parents and she moved away.  

Towards the end of the series, she makes up with them and are on good terms.