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Yusaku Kitamura (北村 祐作, Kitamura Yūsaku) is the secondary male protagonist, after Ryuuji. He is the Ohashi High School student council's vice-president who later becomes the president, and he is in Class 2-C.


Yusaku's anime design

Yusaku has dark blue-green hair that matches his eyes.

He is usually seen wearing the Ohashi High School uniform or the Softball Team's uniform. Otherwise, he casually wears pants and a t-shirt outside the school. His height is usual for a normal second year highschool student.


Yusaku is a male student in Ryuuji Takasu's class and his best friend who is also the vice-president of the student council (and eventually becomes the class president), the class representative, and captain of the boy's softball team at school. He has a diligent personality and thinks he's poor at talking to girls, though Ryuuji observes otherwise.

Yusaku doesn't feel shame from appearing inappropriately dressed in certain situations. In one instance, he forgets to put his clothes on after showering at Ami's beach house, and appearing to the others just holding a towel over his pubic area. At the Christmas party, Yusaku gets said party underway without wearing a shirt.


Not much is known about Yusaku's background, but he was childhood friends with Ami Kawashima.


Taiga Aisaka

It is established early in the series that Taiga has a crush on Yusaku. Her attempt to sneak a love letter into Yusaku's bag, only for the envelope to end up in Ryuuji's bag without the contents of the letter, starts the main plot of the series, where Ryuuji would help her get closer to Yusaku. Taiga quickly makes the decision to approach Yusaku and confess to him upfront, only to botch her confession by referring to Ryuuji several times, which makes Yusaku think that Taiga only wants to be friends with him.

Taiga's other attempts to get closer to Yusaku include taking pictures of him, only for said pictures to turn out blurry as her hands shake when she sees him. Ryuuji eventually notices how awkward Taiga acts around Yusaku, and Taiga eventually admits that she had turned Yusaku down a year ago, but developed feelings for him since. At Ami's beach house, Ryuuji finally gets Taiga to spend time with Yusaku, by having him treat her stomach ache. After the cultural festival, Yusaku gets to dance with Taiga. But when Yusaku breaks character and bleaches his hair in an attempt to avoid his student council duties, Taiga admits she couldn't cheer him up the way Yusaku was able to with her, and cries over this. After encouragement from Ryuuji, Taiga herself runs for the student council presidency in order to motivate Yusaku to return.

After getting a suspension for attacking Sumire, Taiga lets go of Yusaku and focuses on getting Ryuuji with Minori. On her first day back, Yusaku appears in front of Taiga in "full prostration" and pleads for Taiga not to pick another fight over him.

While being rescued at the ski resort by Ryuuji, Taiga appears to talk in her sleep, addressing Yusaku and admitting to him that she loves Ryuuji. Ryuuji makes her believe that Yusaku saved her, and that all that she said was a dream. However, when Taiga mentions the dream to Yusaku, Minori hears this as well, and is aghast that Ryuuji would lie to her.

Ami Kawashima

Ami is Yusaku's childhood friend. Yusaku is already aware of Ami's true nature since they are childhood friends. Yusaku is shown to have a deep concern for Ami. He even asked for Ryuuji and Taiga's help to be "nice" to Ami and let her know that it's okay to be her "real self". Ami is also shown to clearly understand Yusaku, shown when she had suspected Yusaku's motive behind dying his hair, although she is not supportive of said motive. She's also shown to know Yusaku's grandmother in the OVA.

Minori Kushieda

Neither Minori nor Yusaku have expressed any interest towards each other, yet they remain on good terms, as both captain their respective softball teams. During their stay at Ami's beach house, Minori and Yusaku come up with ideas to scare Ryuuji and Taiga.

Ryuuji Takasu

Yusaku has been Ryuuji's best friend since the previous academic year, being the first to assure Ryuuji that he isn't as menacing as he looks. Although reluctant, Ryuuji also helped out when Yusaku was at his lowest, letting him stay for the night after Taiga had showed him Ryuuji's apartment.

Sumire Kano

After Taiga had turned Yusaku down a year ago, Sumire appeared to him and convinced him to join the student council. From there, he worked up to the vice-presidency and developed feelings for Sumire, which he declared in his speech after winning the presidency. However, Sumire turns him down and Yusaku ends up crying in class later, as Sumire would be leaving for America in two days to study astronomy. Over this, Taiga marches to Sumire's class and attacks her, eventually getting Sumire to confess.

In the last episode of the anime, Yusaku has the chance to go after Sumire again, after it is revealed that he would be studying in America after graduating.

Maya Kihara

Maya is the only other character to have a crush on Yusaku, as well as being the only character other than Ami to not address Yusaku by his surname - instead, she calls him Maruo due to his resemblance to the character of the same name from Chibi Maruko-chan. Due to their lack of interaction, Yusaku never acknowledges Maya's interest in him.


  • The name Yusaku means "help, assist" (祐) (yu) and "written, work, production, cultivation" (作) (saku).
  • Yusaku's surname Kitamura means "north" (北) (kita) and "town, village" (村) (mura).